Bonterra Partners provides clients with the analysis and insights necessary to make successful natural capital investments.


We work with institutional investors, asset managers, corporations, family offices and high-net-worth individuals to generate financial profitability while fostering ecological resilience.  Our clients are prudent yet courageous, looking to be leaders in sustainable environmental management and investing.  They are patient investors, often keen to own and manage companies and real assets such as farmland and forests over a long-term (10+ years) horizon.  We value long-term relationships where we can create financial sustainability and lasting environmental impact together with our clients.  Like us, our clients operate with high integrity and see the financial, social and environmental benefits of safeguarding our shared natural resources.

Sector & Geographic knowledge

Bonterra Partners focuses on investments in sustainable agriculture, wild fisheries, aquaculture, forestry and water.  The structure and profile of the opportunities vary, from direct ownership of real assets to equity interests in private companies and funds.  We take particular pride in our knowledge and network in South America. We also have extensive experience in Central America, USA and Europe, and we are open to working and becoming an expert in other regions.

CasE Studies

Sustainable cacao production in Peru and Ecuador

  • European sustainable agriculture company considering country expansion and producing cacao in South America

  • Bonterra was hired to conduct due diligence in Ecuador and Peru for 2-3 months: interviewed cacao farmers and traders, visited farms and processing facilities, established relationships with government officials, local partners and industry experts

  • Bonterra delivered a formal presentation to client's Chairman, CEO and CFO recommending an investment in Peru, which included a detailed country review, cacao market analysis, and financial model

  • Bonterra led client's CEO and Latin America Managing Director on a due diligence trip to Peru, ultimately leading to the investment's approval and the client's subsequent successful operations in Peru since 2013

Large-scale sustainable sheep production in Patagonia, Chile

  • UK-based asset manager interested in launching a new real asset investment platform in South America

  • Bonterra was hired to investigate potential investments that are profitable, environmentally sustainable, and scalable

  • Bonterra worked with the client to develop a US$100 million opportunity in a large-scale sustainable sheep production in the Patagonia region of Chile, to be managed by a local operator with 10-year track record and his team

  • The client is currently fundraising for the investment vehicle, using the research, analysis and financial model created by Bonterra as part of the private placement memorandum and marketing pack

Other examples of our scope of work can be found below.

South & Central AMERICA

  • Reforestation of native hardwood species in Costa Rica and Panama

  • On-site due diligence of sustainable fruit production companies in Ecuador and Colombia


  • Pastured production of pork, lamb, poultry and grassfed beef in California

  • Analysis of drought situation in California


  • Blueberry and hazelnut production in Eastern Europe

  • Sustainable livestock and timber production in Spain


  • Evaluation of wild seafood SMEs (small & medium enterprises) in Chile, Brazil, and the Philippines

  • Research on sustainable aquaculture systems

  • Country-by-country review across multiple continents for
    geographic expansion strategy for a global sustainable agriculture company